Who We Are

Crown of Folklore is a collection house of apparel, accessories, and decor designed and curated for party, play, or home.

Our apparel and accessories for children nurture and support the spirit of storytelling. Each collection, whether it be Carnival, Woodland, or beyond, is thoughtfully designed for the interplay between everyday and imaginative play. Threading the needle between fashion and boutique dress-up play, our heirloom quality collections are sure to delight parents and children alike and similar to folklore, they are designed to be passed down. Enjoy these timeless designs and celebrate the magical years of childhood, cultivate expression, and empower our next generation of storytellers.

About our Founder

Crown of Folklore is rooted in Crested Butte, Colorado, within a community of children with expressive voices and limitless imagination. Our founder, Erica Woodward, developed the concept whilst operating her own children’s retail store and being underwhelmed after searching the market for quality, sustainable dress-up play. Wanting to avoid the generic and narrow commercialized options, she re-imagined the possibilities of a broader platform for storytelling through fashion. We draw our inspiration from the power of imaginative play and adventure, the timeless quality of heirloom treasures and of course, the folklore and stories that shape us.

Our Sustainability Pledge

Crown of Folklore is committed to building a sustainable business and to protecting our planet. We believe the costume genre of the fashion industry has the MOST opportunity for growth towards sustainability. The vast majority of costumes are designed for a short lifespan in quality and in character. Alternatively, we craft and design our high-quality collections with the intention that they will be passed down. Our unique pieces are timeless treasures that cultivate imagination, expression and open-ended play. 

Sustainability is embedded in our brand and consistent through the lifespan of our garments. We’ve created our signature Second Act Trade-In Program, where you can send in your pre-loved apparel for credit toward new pieces. We pledge to take advantage of new processes in manufacturing, fabrics, and in design to maximize product usage. 

Much as folklore evolves over time, we will continue to shape and mold our company towards sustainability and a more thoughtful future for our young storytellers.